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PDRadiopharma Inc. was originally established in 1968 as Daiichi Radioisotope Laboratories, and over the past half-century, we have contributed to the development of nuclear medicine through continuous supply of radiopharmaceuticals to diagnose various diseases, determine treatment plans, and evaluate patient prognosis.
In addition to delivery of high-quality diagnostic imaging agents (SPECT and PET scans), we are proactively promoting the field of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and further expanding the range of therapeutic drugs of all kinds that are integrated with diagnostic agents.

Through the PeptiDream Group’s innovative drug discovery capabilities, we will market cutting-edge radiopharmaceuticals on a global scale and contribute to the spread of nuclear medicine.


We provide diagnostic agents for SPECT and PET, which are used to examine the blood flow in heart and brain as well as bone metastases.


We provide new therapeutic drugs that will address unmet medical needs such as pheochromocytoma.