PeptiDream Corporate Code of Conduct

Based on the understanding that fulfilling our corporate social responsibility leads to an improvement in our corporate value, we try to ensure sensible corporate activities and comply faithfully with our Corporate Code of Conduct, stipulated herein.

Fair Research and Development activities

PDRadiopharma complies with the “Act on Welfare and Management of Animals” and other related laws and regulations. We will endeavor to meet the principles of the 3Rs*1 with enactment regulation “Regulations on Animal Experimentation” and establishment the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, properly managed animal experiments, conducted education and training for personnel. PDRadiopharma conduct self-inspection and evaluation. In addition, PDRadiopharma animal facility has been certified by Japan Pharmaceutical Information Center, the independent evaluation organization.

*1 3Rs; Replacement: use of alternative methods, Reduction: use of fewer animals, Refinement: alleviation of pain